How to choose the right shop sign board for your business

How to choose the right shop sign board – The engine of successful trading can be considered not only the ability to sell a high-quality product or the location of the outlet. This can also include a signboard, which conveys information to potential buyers about the location of your store, helping to make them your customers. Regardless of choice, the sign must be attractive and have a harmonious and proportional shape. Well, the rest already depends on your wishes and requirements, as well as the focus of the activity.

Shop Sign board Types

And now, let’s move on to a detailed consideration of the types of signs:

Non-Profit sign boards – the simplest sign without internal illumination but can be illuminated from the outside. Typically, a banner panel on a metal frame is used to produce such signs. But also, Non-Profit signs are mounted from PVC, on top of which a vinyl film with a printed image is applied.

Backlit sign boards – Backlit are among the signs and outdoor advertising that are preferred more. The basis for the Backlit is a metal or aluminum profile or galvanized steel. The front side of the box is made of translucent acrylic glass or cellular polycarbonate. The image is applied using full-color printing or vinyl film. Neon tubes, LEDs, or fluorescent lamps are used for illumination. All technical equipment is fixed on the rear panel.

3 D sign boards- 3D letters are one of the original types of signs, with the ability to show creativity in combination with other advertising media. The production materials for such letters are acrylic glass, light-diffusing plastic, or gluing with vinyl film. The side parts are made of aluminum, PVC, and stainless steel. In the role of illumination, neon or LED module is used. The place for placing such a sign can serve as a wall of the room, building façade, shop or installation on the roof of the building.

Neon sign boards – Neon signs are among the well-known advertising medium, which symbolizes the city at night. Neon is an empty tube filled with an inert gas, which can illuminate the entire sign and individual letters. The cost of neon signs is high. You can read the letters only when the neon lighting is on; in daylight, you will need to additionally install a colored substrate. The process for producing such signs is considered complex and should only be carried out by suitably qualified professionals.

Luminous (LED) sign boards for the store – illuminated signs with built-in LEDs. The basis for signboard is a body made of plastic or aluminum, and the outer side is covered with acrylic glass. LEDs are superior to other lamps as they have high light output and low power consumption. It is thanks to these parameters that LEDs are considered environmentally friendly.

Composite sign boards – Composite signs are one of the new directions in the production of advertising media, which is gaining popularity. Such signs can be found in stores located in the shopping center. For production, a composite material is used, which has high strength and low weight and is also subjected to easy processing (welding, milling, rolling, gluing), due to which anything can be formed.

What sign board is better to choose for a store?

There are several criteria that influence the choice of sign boards for a store: the type of activity, the location of the outlet, and the place for its placement. Remember that when creating a sign, everything should be taken into account: shape, color, size, and material of production.

Why is it important to pay attention to the location of the store when creating a sign? And that’s all because there are special requirements for signage in districts and the city center, shopping centers, or adjacent territories, which have their differences. And the only guideline, in this case, is the requirements of the city authorities, due to which you can decide on the shape, size, and type of sign.

When placing a signboard on the street side and at a low distance from the ground, it is recommended to make it from impact-resistant materials in order to avoid vandalism. But there are no such strict requirements for shop signs in the shopping center.

Let’s move on to the direction of your outlet. In cases where your store’s range includes only food products, it will be enough to order a simple sign “Products,” which will be visible from afar. But large signs with installation on the roof are perfect for larger hypermarket stores.

The most important thing is that the signboard conveys the corporate identity of your outlet. For help, you can contact qualified Sign board makers near me who work in this direction and get the perfect sign boards in colors and shapes highlighting your business identity.

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